September 20, 2021

UW-Superior reports enrollment rebound after challenging COVID-19 year

After a challenging enrollment year due to the pandemic, the University of Wisconsin-Superior is reporting a noteworthy rebound as one of only three UW System schools projecting an increase in total enrollment for fall 2021 over last year based on first day of class enrollment figures.

Fifth day of class enrollment figures show UW-Superior at a total headcount of 2,622. That is a three-percent increase over last year and on par with fall 2019. Notably, new first-year enrollments are up 23 percent over last year and even with fall 2018 and 2019. Transfer students at UWS are at a five-year high and graduate enrollments are up eight percent over last year.

“The success of this fall enrollment is a testament to the hard work of our staff and faculty at UW-Superior over the past 18 months,” said Jeremy Nere, executive director of admissions. “Our campus community understands that ever single student matters and those personalized experiences and individual outreach efforts make a big difference on where a student chooses to enroll. The energy from our students as they returned this fall reinvigorated our campus and it has been great to see this level of excitement.” 

UW-Superior has long been a college of choice for international students, second only to Madison in overall percentage of international students at UW institutions. Unfortunately, with many students returning to their home countries due to COVID-19 or being denied visas, that number plummeted in 2019-2020, as was the case for most colleges and universities nationwide. This year, UW-Superior made a remarkable comeback with new international students increasing by 136 percent from fall 2020, which equates to an overall international student enrollment increase of 12.5 percent from fall 2020. International students at UW-Superior represent 38 countries, bringing a highly valued diversity and vibrancy to the campus community.

“Many of our international students have had to navigate significant challenges, delays and uncertainties to get here, so it’s extra special to be welcoming such a large and diverse group this fall,” said Mark MacLean, director of international admissions. “It’s clear that they’re excited and motivated to be here, and we’re thrilled to have them.”





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