July 13, 2021

UW-Superior to make two undergraduate majors available in online and on-campus formats this fall

Transportation & Logistics Management and English majors will add online delivery options.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior has announced the addition of online delivery modes for two of its undergraduate majors this fall –Transportation and Logistics Management (TLM) and English. The programs will continue to be offered on-campus, but now students will have the additional option of taking the programs online, making them even more accessible to a broader student base.

“We are pleased to expand our portfolio of programs to offer these two successful majors in an online modality, in addition to continuing them on-campus,” said Maria Cuzzo, interim provost. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the past year, it’s that choice and flexibility to meet the needs of our students will continue to be of utmost importance. We look forward to offering a quality UW-Superior education to even more students through the addition of these program options.”

The nationally-recognized TLM program has placed hundreds of graduates into management positions in corporate, nonprofit and public entities throughout the world. The rigorous program emphasizes courses in transportation modal management, supply chain management, environmental sustainability as well as international trade – all building upon a strong business management foundation.

“We are proud of the exceptionally high percentage of international students and women in our program,” said Richard Stewart, professor of Transportation and Logistics Management. “With strong industry ties and alumni throughout the nation and beyond, we have developed a world-class program that is well known, and our graduates are highly sought. The addition of the online program will allow us to deliver a great UW-Superior TLM education to an even more geographically and demographically diverse student population.”

Online students in the TLM program, just like on-campus students, will have access to simulations, case-study analyses and internships, as well as scholarships, financial aid and student club activities. They will also have the option of taking a semester or individual courses on-campus to benefit from unique in-person opportunities in the Twin Ports, one of the few places in the country where five modes of transportation converge.

The addition of online delivery for UW-Superior’s English major will also make it more broadly available. The program is a popular choice for education students who aspire to teach English at the middle or high school level, students preparing for graduate study and those preparing for careers in a variety of for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

“We are excited to give UW-Superior students the unique opportunity to study English or English Education online,” said Hilary Fezzey, "This is the first English and English Education program that will be offered fully online in the UW System. Students who love reading will be able to pursue a major or minor with versatile career opportunities, exciting job potentials and strong graduate school placements. The online delivery format provides students with the flexibility to complete their degree while receiving the same quality learning experience with individual student attention that UW-Superior is known for.”

UW-Superior’s English program is a popular double major or minor choice that compliments many other areas of study. It provides transferrable skills that are applicable in many professions, such as research, critique and analytical thinking, as well as creativity and collaboration. Students will have the option of taking the major entirely online or choosing individual classes to take online or on-campus.



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