Applying for a Social Security Card

      Students in F-1 status are eligible to get a Social Security Number only if they have employment. That is, you may apply for a card if you have found a job, and get a letter from your supervisor describing the job, how many hours per week it is, and when it will start. You and your supervisor can find instructions and a sample letter here:

Instructions for Letter of Employment.

Your supervisor should fill it out, print it on Department or University letterhead, and sign it. Then you should bring it to the OIP for a staff member's signature.

Approximately 30 days into each semester OIP staff will start taking students who have found jobs to the Social Security Office to apply for a number. If you need to apply, watch your email for announcements about these trips.

To apply for a Social Security Number, you will need the following:

Most on-campus employers will allow you to work before you receive your number in the mail, but be sure to ask them. A'viands will not permit you to begin working until you receive your card. Once you receive your card, take it to Jenny Kroll in the Financial Aid Office, Old Main 110, so she can record your number. As a general rule, do not carry your Social Security Card with you; keep it in a safe place.