Instructions for UW-Superior Employers of International Students

In order to help international students get a social security number, please do the following:

1) Download the pdf version of the letter from the link immediately below.

2) Print on department letterhead, complete the letter using the sample below as a guide, and sign in the Employer Signature line.

3) Have student return the signed completed form to Office of International Programs (Old Main 337).

Download writable pdf version of the Employer Letter



To Whom It May Concern:

 This is evidence of on-campus employment for:   Joe Student

 Nature of student’s job (e.g. wait staff, library assistant, research assistant, etc.)

  Jim Dan Hill Library assistant

 Start Date: 12/02/05                 Number of Hours/Week: 20

 Employer contact information:

             Employer Telephone Number            715-39X-XXXX

 Student's Immediate Supervisor: Joe Supervisor

 Employer Signature: ____________________

 Signatory’s Title: Manager of Jim Dan Hill Library

 Date: __________

To be completed by the Office of International Programs

Designated School Official – Original Signature


Type or printed name


Phone:                                                              Date: