Conditional Admission

Conditional Admission

Students who do not meet the English proficiency requirement may apply for conditional admission. Conditionally admitted students study at the Global Language Institute (in St. Paul, Minnesota), the Wisconsin English as a Second Language Institute (WELSLI) (in Madison, Wisconsin) or ELS (St. Paul, Minnesota) until they have met the English proficiency requirement. 

Note that St. Paul, Minnesota, is approximately 2.5 hours by car (3 hours by bus) from UW-Superior. Madison, Wisconsin is approximately 5.5 hours (7 hours by bus) from UW-Superior.

Conditionally admitted students:

- are issued a letter of acceptance and a letter of financial aid award from UW-Superior.

 - should submit all required application materials except proof of English proficiency

 - should also submit application materials to GLI, WESLI or ELS, as appropriate

For more information, please contact the Office of International Programs