Form I-20 Information

You will need a Form I-20 issued by UW-Superior in order to apply for a US F-1 student visa to attend the University. It must be emphasized that during their entire stay in the U.S., students will be held to the conditions of admission and all criteria stated in the I-20 forms. Students can attend only the college or university that issues these forms. Using these forms to attend another institution is a serious federal crime.

You need to take your Form I-20 with you to the U.S. Embassy (or Consulate) to obtain your F-1 student visa. First, check the following:

  • Is your name spelled correctly and in the same form as it appears in your passport?

  • Is the other information correct—date and country of birth, degree program, reporting date, completion date, financial information?

  • Is it signed by a college official using blue ink?Has the reporting date (“student must report no later than”) passed? (The I-20 expires on, and cannot be used after, the reporting date.)

Also, be sure to put your name, the date and your signature in blue ink in the appropriate space at the bottom of the first page of your I-20.