Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment of Tuition and Fees

The most updated information related to tuition and fee rates and payment options can be found on the Bursar's Office website. (Please refer to Payment Information and Due Dates and Fee Schedules on the left side of their page). Tuition and fee rates are usually determined by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents in July for the academic year, which runs from early September to mid-May.

E-Hive Student Account

Incoming international students are sent information about how to access their E-Hive account in their admission packet. Students can access their student bill via their E-Hive account by clicking on My Student Center and then View Bill. Note that student fees and financial aid are generally applied to student accounts one week before the beginning of the semester. As a result, their account information may be inaccurate if accessed before that time. Students are encouraged to pay for their student fees during the first week of classes.

Note that billing statements are only available online via the E-HIVE. 

Payment Deadline

After the $100 enrollment has been paid, no further payment is required until the fifth week of the semester. A 1.5% finance surcharge is generally applied starting the sixth week of the semester, so students are recommended to pay their account in full by that time. Specific information about deadlines is sent to incoming international students via email before the beginning of the semester. 

Student Account Charges

Student accounts include charges for tuition, fees, room, meal plan, and international health insurance.

Payment Method

Student fees can be paid via:

Pay now with PeerTransfer1) Bank wire transfer - UW-Superior has partnered with peerTransfer to streamline the tuition payment process. With peerTransfer, the best available foreign currency exchange rates are guaranteed and there is no fee charged by peerTransfer or UW-Superior. This makes it possible to pay in your home currency  (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money compared to traditional banks. In addition, the posting of your payment will be faster and you will be notified via email when it is received. This option is available at

2) A personal check drawn in US dollars from a North American bank payable to UW-Superior. Many students choose to bring an international money order, bank draft, or traveler's cheque for enough money to pay for at least their first semester's expenses and use it to open a bank account in Superior once they arrive. If you choose to do this, you will be able to pay your student fees via personal check shortly after you arrive. Note that checks drawn from a Canadian bank must be stamped or indicate in print (not handwriting) "US Dollars".

3) an international money order or bank draft in US dollars payable to UW-Superior.

When mailing checks, international money order, or bank drafts, please make sure your name is indicated clearly and send them to:  Bursar's Office; UW-Superior; Old Main 206 Belknap & Catlin USA

4) credit card. UW-Superior accepts Visa and MasterCard payments via the internet only.  We do not accept payment by credit card over the phone or at the Cashier's Window.  There is a 2.5% convenience fee charged for each credit card payment transaction using the web.

To make your payment, go to  Log into the E-Hive and follow these steps:

- Click on 'Student Center' from your E-Hive homepage

- Locate and click the "View Bill" link

- Choose the appropriate semester (example:  Fall Semester 2014)

- Be sure the pop-up blocker on your web browser is disabled

- Click the "Pay Online" button located at the bottom of your e-bill

- Follow the instructions on the payment page

- Print the final "Your payment has been accepted..." page as your online receipt


If possible, we recommend that students avoid paying more than their exact student account balance. A refund will be issued for any amount paid to a student account that exceeds the students charges within the refund period. Refunds are disbursed via the Higher One Easy Refund Card. With the Higher One card, students can choose to have their refunds (1) deposited electronically to a bank account of the student's choice, or (2) deposited electronically to a Higher One checking or debit account. Students must activate the card and select their refund choice. This process can take 10 days to two weeks, so please plan accordingly. Additional information about refunds can be found by going to the Bursar's website, www.uwsuper/bursar, and clicking on the "Fee Schedules" link.