International Student Scholarships & Grants

Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NTW) Program

The University of Wisconsin-Superior seeks to promote diversity and academic excellence on its campus.  Through the Non-Resident Tuition Waiver (NTW) Program, the University hopes to make the cost of studying at UW-Superior affordable to a wider range of students from diverse backgrounds. In recent years, more than 90% of international students who qualified for admission to UW-Superior also qualified for $5,600 or $7,500 through the NTW program. Read below for more information.

NTW Awards

NTW Awards, which in 2016-2017 are worth $5,600 for undergraduate students, waive 75% of the non-resident portion of tuition. NTW Awards do not waive the resident portion of tuition.  The majority of degree-seeking international students who qualify for admission to UW-Superior are eligible for an NTW Award. For more specific information about costs, please refer to NTW Award Estimated Costs.

NTW Scholar Awards

NTW Scholar Awards, which in 2016-2017 are worth $7,500 for undergraduate students, waive nearly all of the non-resident portion of tuition. NTW Scholars Awards, which do not waive the resident portion of tuition, are competitive and consider the following criteria: 1) academic merit, 2) potential contribution to campus diversity, 3) personal essay and/or letters of recommendation, 4) financial need and 5) potential contributions to liberal education co-curricular initiatives. For more information about costs, please refer to NTW Scholar Award Estimated Costs.

Note that international students who are from Europe and the Western Hemisphere (including the Caribbean, Canada and Latin America) are given special consideration through the NTW Program.

Application Process and Renewability


All degree-seeking students who are admitted and submit an on-line NTW application will automatically be given consideration for either an NTW Award or NTW Scholar Award. It is not possible to receive both awards. A written personal statement and one or more letters of recommendation are encouraged. Athletic ability is not a criterion for the NTW Program.

Awards through the NTW Program are renewable and may be received for a total maximum of five years (10 semesters) for freshmen students. Awards for transfer students are adjusted according to their expected length of study. Students must meet the requirements indicated on the NTW application in order to have their NTW renewed.



Award Process & Conditions


Awards through the NTW Program are offered on a first-admitted, first-awarded basis, with particular consideration for the NTW Scholar Award criteria and availability. Awards are subject to the conditions in the NTW application and award letter.

Beecroft Grants

Beecroft Grants are loans of up to $500 per year that students repay by working an adequate number of hours in an assigned job on campus. A limited number of Beecroft Grants are awarded each semester. Athletes and social work majors are not eligible.

UW-Superior Foundation Scholarships

The UW-Superior University Foundation sponsors scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. International students who have already begun their studies at UW-Superior are eligible to apply for over 100 Foundation scholarships, which are awarded by individual academic departments.

Student Employment

Many UW-Superior international students hold jobs on campus. U.S. immigration laws allow for student employment under specific conditions. International students in F-1 status are allowed to work on campus up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and full-time during breaks and holidays. Off-campus employment is not allowed except under limited conditions set out by U.S. immigration laws. The Office of International Programs provides guidance about finding on-campus jobs during international student orientation, but the University cannot guarantee employment for all students, and students are responsible for finding their own employment.

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

Students may wish to visit the following web sites for information on financial aid, scholarships and student loans from other (non UW-Superior) institutions.