Simon Rousset

Simon Rousset


Simon Rousset

Hometown: Saint Ave, France

Major: Mass Communication major / Business Administration minor 

Campus activities/jobs: President/Co-founder of the Basketball Club; President/Co-founder of the Latino Club; member of the Superior Outdoor Adventure Program; Assistant Residence Hall Manager; French tutor; and campus recreation referee

Q: Why did you choose to come to UW-Superior?

A: I chose UW-Superior because of the student population size. I honestly didn't want to be in a college with 30,000 students where you are considered as a number, not as a student. Plus, the proximity to the city life, and the nature and the countryside made it my first choice when I decided to come to the US. Finally, I had heard of the "public liberal arts college" before enrolling at UW-Superior, and it represents what every college student should look for in applying to college.

Q: What have you liked best about your experience at UW-Superior?

A: The people I have met are people that I will keep in my heart for a very long time because I knew, at the time, that I can always rely on them. They have always been here for me, and vice versa. My experience has been so much more incredible since I have been able to fulfill projects on my own, which I will cherish for a long time.

Q: Have you been satisfied with your experience with the Office of International Programs?

A: All of this would have never been possible without the OIP. OIP is the first image international students have of the university, and no wonder why everybody stays!!!!! Thank you so much, OIP, for your work!

Q: What has surprised you most about your experience at UW-Superior?  

A: The surprise came later in my first semester when my application for a job as resident hall assistant was approved. I always heard people say that people in the US have more opportunities being young, with jobs requiring great responsibilities. I was surprised to be hired as an international student.

Q: What advice would you give to an international student who is considering attending UW-Superior?

A: Don't be afraid of the cold and the snow. This is just the look of a place that considers people for more than the appearances.