Student Stories

Student Stories

Eunseok Lee

Hometown: Jeju Island, South Korea

Double major: Speech Communication and Marketing

Campus activities/jobs: GEARS Mentor Program; Residence hall leader; Vice-President of the World Student Association

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Daisy-ree Quaker

Hometown: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Double major: Marketing and Mass Communications

Campus activities/jobs: President of the World Student Association; Student Ambassador; Residence hall leader; Career Services staff

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Simon Rousset

Hometown: Saint Ave, France

Major: Mass Communication major and Business Administration minor

Campus activities/jobs: President/Co-founder of the Basketball Club; President/Co-founder of the Latino Club; member of the Superior Outdoor Adventure Program; Assistant Residence Hall Manager, French tutor, and campus recreation referee

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Mari Henriquez

Hometown: Barcelona, Venezuela

Major: Biology/Broad Field Science

Campus activities/jobs: Student government senator; Campus recreation exercise leader; Team leader of First Year Experience program; Residence hall leader

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Ai Ozawa

Hometown: Kasukabe, Japan

Major: Social Work

Campus activities/jobs: UW-Superior Symphonic Band; Teaching assistance for Japanese language class

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Bailong Fan

Hometown: Chengdu, China

Major: Transportation and Logistics Management

Campus activities/jobs: Transportation and Logistics Management Club; Chinese Student Association; staff of UW-Superior Facilities Management; staff of the Office of International Programs

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Smriti Shrestha

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Major: Transportation and Logistics Management

Campus activities/jobs: Treasurer of the World Student Association; Math class assistant; Office assistant for Department of Human Behavior and Justice

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