Superior Stew

Please come and join us in the Stew of conversation!  

Join in the conversation, one afternoon each month as various topics are discussed with faculty, staff, and students.bowl soup

Each Superior Stew session will have a specific theme, and everyone is encouraged to participate.

The name Superior Stew incorporates in itself an understanding of a combination of different ingredients. These ingredients collectively create a single dish with a mixture of individual and unique flavors.

Our hope is that through these forums our campus will develop a discernible palate of different cultures and individuality.

It is in this metaphor that we leave behind the old idea of a "melting pot" and embrace a new understanding that we are different and individually collaborating together as we flavor/influence each other.

Superior Stew works at being inclusive by bringing attention to topics and issues of diversity in a monthly forum in which people are encouraged to participate. We are all part of a diverse society and more specifically a diverse campus.

Lunch will be provided. Location will be Old Main 232, Multicultural Center, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm.

For more information on this program please contact
Marsha Francis at 715.394.8112 or contact Jenny Schlender