2012-2013 Faculty and Staff Spotlights
Marna Banks and Matthew Faerber (05/13/2013)
Olivia Seifert and Michael Waxman (05/06/2013)
Dixie Dorman and Nick Garramone (04/29/2013)
Gabriela Theis and Karl F. Bahm (04/22/2013)
Cathy A. Fank and Shane Deadrick (04/15/2013)
Ivy Vainio and Dr. Sakib Mahmud (04/08/2013)
Heather Kahler (04/01/2013)
Lynne Deadrick and Mark Spitzer (03/25/2013)
Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo and Carl Huber (03/18/2013)
Jordan Appicelli and Haji Dokhanchi (03/11/2013)
Shannon Gilligan and Pope Wright (03/04/2013)
Deborah Schlacks and Harry Anderson (02/25/2013)
Kathy Pykkonen and Ephraim Nikoi (02/18/2013)
Emily Leving and Reilly OHalloran(02/11/2013)
Lynne Williams and Andy Breckenridge (02/04/2013)
Melinda Yingling and Tom Bergh (01/28/2013)
Kay Biga and Sam Maday (1/22/2013)
Sue Holm and Peter Nordgren(12/17/2012)
Jen Bird and Joe Kmiech(12/10/2012)
RaLynn Schmalzried and Tom Fennessey(12/03/2012)
Lynne Kapalin and Paul Eberhardt(11/26/2012)
Krisi Patterson and Brent Notbohm(11/19/2012)
Michelle Arnhold and Mike Bodin (11/12/2012)
Tonya Roth and Chip Beal (11/05/2012)
Sarah LaChance Adams and Glen Drexler (10/22/2012)
Mickey Fitch and Mike Kapalin(10/15/2012)
Zamira Simkins and Steve Nelson (10/08/2012)