Diego and Tess (10/22/2012)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs wants you to meet:

New Student:

Diego Dambe


Diego Dambe

Hometown: South Africa

Year: Transfer

Major/Minor: Business Administration


What drew you to UW-Superior?: It is closer to where I live and it has the program that I need to

What student organizations/ extracurricular activities are you planning to be a part of?: The Black Student Union and Men's Soccer Team

What are you looking forward to most during this upcoming year?: Meeting new people and experiencing the general campus life

What is one "Fun Fact" about you: I am a talented soccer player and I can speak two languages fluently.



Returning Student:

Tess Gonzalez

Tess Gonzalez

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Year in School: Junior

Major/Minor: English Major and Global Studies Minor

What drew you to UW-Superior?: UW-Superior is the only public liberal arts college that is small and near my hometown that doesn't cost a million to go to.

What student organizations/extracurricular activities are you a part of and/or planning to be a part of: I am working with Patrick Lilja on creating a student organization for students who have Aspergers or Autism and also allies who know others. We will be promoting awareness on campus and informing people that this is not something that needs to be fixed or is bad, but needs to be supported just as everyone's unique qualities need to be supported positively.

What are you looking forward to most during this upcoming year?: I am looking forward to fulfilling a few goals that help me become happier and healthier as well as finally enjoying the classes I take this year.

In one sentence, what is your advice to your peers about succeeding in college?: Honestly, you have to like what you're learning in order to get through college.

What is one"Fun Fact" about you: For several years I have been making things with duct tape and I finally opened an Etsy shop, AcademicDuctTape, to start selling the craft I love. 


The Office of Multicultural Affairs is incredibly excited to announce our new "Student Spotlight" program. We will spotlight both new and/or returning UW-Superior students each week throughout the academic year. We will spotlight these students on our office website, Facebook page, and student/staff digests. UW-Superior students are the reason we are here and we truly want students to be successful. The Student Spotlight will help students to connect to various faculty, staff, students, and programs on this campus and vice versa. Having these connections will help students become successful.

Students if you would like to participate in the "Student Spotlight" please answer the following information and email to oma@uwsuper.edu.