Tyie and Peter (11/05/2012)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs wants you to meet:

New Student:

Tyie Timmons

Tyie Amina Timmons

Hometown: Taylor, MI

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: My major is Physical Education and my minor is in Sports Management for Athletic Directing and Coaching.

What drew you to UW-Superior?: The reason for me attending UW-Superior was sports, and the programs they had for my fields of study. Last reason was being able to go to school with my boyfriend.

What student organizations/ extracurricular activities are you planning to be a part of?: I plan to part take in Softball, soon join the Black Student Union and hopefully other student organizations.

What are you looking forward to most during this upcoming year?: I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, learning things, and starting my school year off good!

What is one "Fun Fact" about you: I'm really a very fun and energetic person, once you get to know me. I love to hang with my boyfriend, friends, and family, and, of course, play Softball!

Returning Student:

Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson

Hometown: Webster, WI

Year in School: Senior

Major/Minor: Business and Marketing

What drew you to UW-Superior?: I liked how it was close to home and that I am familiar with the Twin Ports area.

What student organizations/extracurricular activities are you a part of and/or planning to be a part of: I am currently part of the Office of Multicultural Affair's Peer Mentorship program and I hope to be part of more!

What are you looking forward to most during this upcoming year?: To improve my GPA and be involved in/attend many of the events on campus!

In one sentence, what is your advice to your peers about succeeding in college?: Take at least 12 credits a semester and decide on a major very soon!

What is one"Fun Fact" about you: I could eat pizza everyday, at every meal!


The Office of Multicultural Affairs is incredibly excited to announce our new "Student Spotlight" program. We will spotlight both new and/or returning UW-Superior students each week throughout the academic year. We will spotlight these students on our office website, Facebook page, and student/staff digests. UW-Superior students are the reason we are here and we truly want students to be successful. The Student Spotlight will help students to connect to various faculty, staff, students, and programs on this campus and vice versa. Having these connections will help students become successful.

Students if you would like to participate in the "Student Spotlight" please email oma@uwsuper.edu.