Yukiko Takahashi and Jay Bowers (11/19/2012)

The Office of Multicultural Affairs wants you to meet:

New Student:

Yukiko Takahashi


Yukiko Takahashi

Hometown: Osaki, Miyagi, Japan

Year: One year non-degree student (senior at Fukushima University, Japan)

Major/Minor: Business Administration and Economics

What drew you to UW-Superior?: I wanted to study Economics more before graduating form Japanese University. America is the center of Economics and UWS consists of small classes.

What student organizations/ extracurricular activities are you planning to be a part of?: World Student Association, UW-Superior Symphonic Band, and Teaching Assistant for Japanese Language Class.

What are you looking forward to most during this upcoming year?: Open your hard door, and then try many things! Many people are here to support you.

What is one "Fun Fact" about you: I love traveling! I know how wonderful the United States is because I traveled all across here this summer!


Returning Student:


Jay Bowers

Jay Bowers

Hometown: Pasadena, MD (born in Milwaukee, WI)

Year in School: Senior

Major/Minor: Wellness Fitness Management/Minor in Coaching

What drew you to UW-Superior?: I was drawn to UW-Superior because of the small community and the class size. I also enjoyed how friendly everyone was when I came to visit!

What student organizations/extracurricular activities are you a part of and/or planning to be a part of: I am a part of Campus Recreation, Men's Track and Field, Men's Volleyball Club and Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

In one sentence, what is your advice to your peers about succeeding in college?: Take the time to talk to your instructors if you need help with anything in your class!

What is one"Fun Fact" about you: I like to participate in anything that is active (running, volleyball, football, ultimate frisbee). I also like to just sit on my couch and play Xbox 360!



The Office of Multicultural Affairs is incredibly excited to announce our new "Student Spotlight" program. We will spotlight both new and/or returning UW-Superior students each week throughout the academic year. We will spotlight these students on our office website, Facebook page, and student/staff digests. UW-Superior students are the reason we are here and we truly want students to be successful. The Student Spotlight will help students to connect to various faculty, staff, students, and programs on this campus and vice versa. Having these connections will help students become successful.

Students if you would like to participate in the "Student Spotlight" please email oma@uwsuper.edu.