Parking Regulations

Parking Lot

It is the responsibility of the motor vehicle operator to be aware of UW-Superior parking regulations and to find a legal parking space. The lack of a legal convenient space is not considered a valid excuse for parking illegally.

All vehicles parked in UW-Superior parking lots (unless parked at a meter) must display a valid parking permit for that lot/area.

  • Parking permits must be properly displayed. They are designed to hang from the inside rearview mirror facing to the front of the vehicle.
  • All vehicles parked in designated handicap spaces must display a UW-Superior issued parking permit along with a State issued Handicap permit or license plate, unless the space is signed otherwise.
  • All lots have signs indicating the type of parking allowed in that lot.
  • Parking in a disabled, no parking zone, loading zone, or fire lane is strictly prohibited.The use of vehicle hazard lights will not be justification for illegally parking in these areas.
  • Vehicles must be parked within the lines designating a parking space. The fact that other vehicles are parked illegally in the same area will not be accepted as an excuse for illegal parking.
  • The lack of a legal parking space is not considered a valid excuse for parking illegally. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed under certain circumstances.
  • All vehicles parked at parking meters must pay the required meter fees during enforced times.
  • Parking is prohibited between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. in lots that are posted no overnight parking. If a vehicle breaks down, severe weather conditions exist, or a personal emergency prevents you from moving your car, immediately contact Parking Services at 715-394-8177 (during regular business hours) or Public Safety at 715-394-8114 (after hours).
  • The university assumes no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or contents while parked on university property.
  • Vehicles parked in any lot from November 1 to May 1 must be moved to a different space every 48 hours so as not to impede snow plowing and removal, unless prior approval is granted from the Parking Services Office.
  • UW-Superior parking permits are not valid in the WITC Conference Center Parking lot.
  • Mopeds and motorcycles require a parking permit and must park in lots (Look for designated spots where available).
  • All vehicles parking in university lots must be legally registered.
  • The speed limit in all lots is 15 MPH and all other motor vehicle laws must be obeyed.


  • WITC: UW-Superior permits are NOT VALID in WITC lots. You will be towed at your expense if found parking in WITC's lots.
  • Church: The blue lined spaces in the Pilgrim Lutheran Church parking lot and found behind the church in Lot 2 are reserved for church use only.
  • City Streets:UW-Superior parking permits are not valid on city streets. A City of Superior residential permit is required to park on city streets surrounding the campus, with the exception of Mortorelli Drive.  Parking on the streets is enforced by the Superior Police Department.
  • Reserved Parking: Student parking is prohibited in the upper part of Lot 12, as well as in the  areas in lot 7 and lot 11 designated by yellow/blue reserved permit signs.