Towing Policy

The University reserves the right to remove motor vehicles at the owner's expense for any of, but not limited to the following:

  • Vehicles incurring three or more unpaid parking violations.
  • Vehicles parked in reserved spaces/areas without the proper permit.
  • Vehicles parked in disabled spaces without the proper permits.
  • Vehicles parked in no parking areas that are impeding traffic or pedestrians.
  • Vehicles that pose hazards such as leaking gas or impeding necessary maintenance such as snow removal or repaving.
  • Vehicles that are not displaying a current registration plate and have their vehicle identification number (VIN) covered.
  • Vehicles that are displaying a permit that has been reported as lost, stolen or altered.
  • Vehicles which have been deemed to have been adandoned. 

The University is not responsible for any claims as a result of the above-mentioned actions.