Credit through Portfolio: Fees and Costs

Potential costs:

  • Costs to create a physical portfolio (and often more than one copy), if relevant. A binder, paper, printing, ink, postage and other materials may be needed. This does not apply if students submit electronic files or create a personal website for their work.

  • WRIT 298/WRIT 698 is not a requirement for submitting a portfolio, but most students find the course helpful in creating the content for their portfolios. WRIT 298/WRIT 698: Prior Learning Portfolio Development is a 1-credit online course; therefore, students pay the current Online Learning Center tuition and fee rate for a UWS course, and participate in it over a regular semester.  

Set costs:

  • A one-time administrative fee of $100 for the portfolio's review by the cooperating academic department.

  • A CPL fee that is determined by the number of credits students are seeking: 

1-3 credits sought $75
4-6 credits sought $150
7-9 credits sought $225
10-12 credits sought $300

Each additional 1-3 credits sought are assessed at an additional $75. Please note that submitting a portfolio and the payment does NOT guarantee the granting of credit. 

Compare the difference  

A traditional 3-credit undergraduate course costs approximately $305 PER credit (as of Spring 2013); 3 credits granted through the portfolio process cost $75 plus the $100 administrative fee.

See UW-Superior's Tuition and Fee Schedules for the graduate tuition rate