WRIT 298/698 Course Overview

WRIT 298/698 Course Overview


WRIT 298/698: Prior Learning Portfolio is a 1-credit course similar to an independent study in which students work one-on-one with the instructor to create a lengthy and detailed portfolio that articulates students' learning of particular course or department learning outcomes. Undergraduate students should register for WRIT 298 and graduate students for WRIT 698.

Catalog Description

Analysis and evaluation of prior learning experiences in the context of academic requirements and goals. Development of an individualized portfolio and plan for the attainment of educational and career goals. Designed primarily for students with significant life and work experience. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor. Pass-Fail only.

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the portfolio development process through preparation of an online or physical portfolio which, when evaluated, will provide you with your current college educational standing
  • identify all prior learning experiences, reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating your prior learning experiences in the context of academic requirements and goals
  • write a resume
  • write an autobiography describing a chronological history of life-long learning
  • formulate a request for a specific amount of credit for your prior learning
  • write learning outcomes essays derived from your experiences, which will relate to UW-Superior courses/credits
  • gather pertinent documentation necessary to support your request of credit for prior learning