Become a GEARS Mentor

Becoming a GEARS mentor requires positive energy and dedication.

If you are interested in joining the GEARS program, applications are available in October (to become a mentor in spring semester) and March (to become a mentor in fall semester). GEARS also recruits new mentors through Handshake, Student-Digest, 'Jacket Fest, and in-class presentations.

Application Packet

Benefits of Becoming a GEARS Mentor

As a mentor you can earn money and class credit while improving communication and leadership skills. Most importantly, your involvement makes a difference in the local community!

Mentor Quotes

"GEARS is a great way to gain understanding of the community and get involved. GEARS not only helps the kids grow, but helps the mentors grow and gain new skills."

"Since working in the GEARS program, I have learned about the community I live in, how to appreciate what I have, and how much I mean to the kids I mentor."

"Working with GEARS is so rewarding and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference."

GEARS Mentors Fall 2011

GEARS Mentors Fall 2011

GEARS Mentor & Student

GEARS Mentor and Student