Sarah Young-Church

Sarah Young-Church

Class of: 2020
Area: Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department
Program: Social Work
Being at UW-Superior has made me realize how much I should appreciate the support systems I have here and back home.
John Bergstrom

John Bergstrom

Class of: 2018
Area: School of Business and Economics
Program: International Business
I just really like this school overall. Here you’re so close with others. Living in the residence halls really helped that.
Kristina Wheatman

Kristina Wheatman

Class of: 2018
Area: Visual Arts Department
Program: Art Therapy
The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that's another really awesome thing to see.
  • Class of: 2017
    Everyone here is so open. Read more.
  • I have been studying voice privately for eight years now, and I think I made more progress with the UW-Superior Music faculty in just two semesters than I had in my previous seven years. I am so proud of how far I have come and I am so excited to keep working next year. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the generosity that has been shown to me through Foundation scholarships. Music and singing are my passion, and I will not forget that the reason I am even able to attend this amazing school and pursue that passion is because of your generosity. Thank you Foundation donors.
  • Class of: 2017
    I have the ability to work full time and take classes full time as well. The flexibility has allowed me to utilize my time and graduate on schedule. Read more.
  • “The scholarships I’ve received through the UW-Superior Foundation have made a huge impact on my education,” says Britta Larson ‘21, natural sciences major. “They’ve allowed me to focus more on my education rather than having to get another job to try to pay for school. It’s definitely helped me to become a better student.” Read more.
  • Class of: 2011
    I had experienced a connection and teamwork instrumental in helping me to overcome various challenges along the way.” Read more.
    Bethany Kepler
    "It's a great place to go to school!" Read more.
    Timothy Cleary
    The taste of victory is addictive. I try to make sure that learning experiences are individually relevant and involve overcoming challenges. Read more.
    Gloria Eslinger
    Courses include Art Therapy Fundamentals, Practicum, Painting, Multi-Modal Art Therapy, Expressive Arts for Change and Research.
    Carsen Wetzel
    Seeing how open and accepting UW-Superior is has taught me to do the same for others. Having a positive attitude is something that I can bring into the world and share with others. Read more.
    Kristina Wheatman
    The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that's another really awesome thing to see. Read more.
  • Doug Kempen

    We all have obstacles in life, but UW-Superior is so helpful. With the support of this campus, you can accomplish anything. Read More
    Doug Kempen
  • Eleni Pinnow

    I love my job, and I know without a doubt, UW-Superior is a place that offers students a transformational opportunity. Read More
    Eleni Pinnow
  • Alison Dietz

    "It's nice having a small community feeling here." Read More
    Alison Dietz