Yoichi  Hirokata

Yoichi Hirokata

Class of: 2017
Area: Communicating Arts Department
Program: Communication
“I love people, and I love talking to people, so I didn’t want to go to a big university. I Googled ‘affordable, good university,’ and UW-Superior was one of the top searches.”
Samantha  Wolf

Samantha Wolf

Class of: 2017
Area: World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department
Program: English
The personability of this campus really pushes you to be a part of more and more, otherwise you feel like you’ll miss out.
  • Class of: 2017
    Life slows down. You can catch up with your thoughts and enjoy yourself. Read more.
  • Class of: 2019
    The VNSC has helped me since day one. They helped me enroll, apply for my GI Bill® and access resources. Read more.
  • Class of: 2018
    The people you meet at UW-Superior really influence your experience here because with a small campus, the connections are so much deeper. Read more.
  • Class of: 1980
    Art is life, life inspires art. It doesn't matter where you are or what you do, training in the arts informs your life. Whether you end up directly in your field of study or not, theatre education helps every step along the way." Read more.
  • Class of: 2017
    I have the ability to work full time and take classes full time as well. The flexibility has allowed me to utilize my time and graduate on schedule. Read more.
    Timothy Cleary
    The taste of victory is addictive. I try to make sure that learning experiences are individually relevant and involve overcoming challenges. Read more.
    Kristina Wheatman
    The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that's another really awesome thing to see. Read more.
    Gloria Eslinger
    Courses include Art Therapy Fundamentals, Practicum, Painting, Multi-Modal Art Therapy, Expressive Arts for Change and Research.
    Bethany Kepler
    "It's a great place to go to school!" Read more.
    Fiorella Luna Fuentes
    I really like the instructors here. They are like friends. Even though there is a language barrier, I can still talk to them. I feel so comfortable in my classes, and I can ask them for help with anything I need Read more.