Cheryl Champion

Cheryl Champion

Class of: 2020
Area: 91.3 FM KUWS Superior
Program: Studio Art
I wasn’t ready to retire…
Kenneth  Timm

Kenneth Timm

Class of: 2017
Area: Writing and Library Science Department
Program: Writing
I can’t describe what this place has done for me. It’s changed my attitude toward everything, especially what education means. I owe my future to UW-Superior.
Patricia  Hovi

Patricia Hovi

Class of: 2018
Area: Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department
Program: Legal Studies
Superior is home, and for me, UW­-Superior is the only university I would be so proud to get a Legal Studies bachelor’s degree from.
Genna Christian

Genna Christian

Class of: 2017
Area: Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department
Program: Social Work
UW-Superior’s environment is so inviting, and it makes everyone feel like one big family.
Adelia Kindstrand

Adelia Kindstrand

Class of: 2018
Area: Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department
Program: Social Work
I met a bunch of great people that helped me to feel a bit less like the odd (wo)man out."
Eric Dolsen

Eric Dolsen

Class of: 2019
Area: School of Business and Economics
Program: Business Administration
The VNSC has helped me since day one. They helped me enroll, apply for my GI Bill® and access resources.
Scott McNorton

Scott McNorton

Class of: 2017
Area: Health and Human Performance Department
Being an older student was nerve-wracking, but everyone was super-accepting and wanted to get to know me.
Ilana Yokel

Ilana Yokel

Class of: 2016
Area: Department of Education
Program: Individually Designed
The teachers want to know you here. You're not a face in the crowd.
  • Class of: 2015
    Starting at UW-Superior helped to open a world of possibilities for Abby Lenich
  • Class of: 2014
    UW-Superior has a lot of opportunities for students to get out there and get to know each other, and I recommend taking them up on the chances!" Read more.
  • Class of: 2021
    It seems crazy to me. I’m only a college student, but I can still make a big difference. Read more.
    Fiorella Luna Fuentes
    I really like the instructors here. They are like friends. Even though there is a language barrier, I can still talk to them. I feel so comfortable in my classes, and I can ask them for help with anything I need Read more.
    Timothy Cleary
    The taste of victory is addictive. I try to make sure that learning experiences are individually relevant and involve overcoming challenges. Read more.
    Kristina Wheatman
    The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that's another really awesome thing to see. Read more.
  • Josh Stangle

    Jazz is one of very few truly American inventions. It is part of our national identity and a gift to the world. At KUWS we get to share that 5 nights a week. Read More
    Josh Stangle
  • Shellie Swanson

    Scholarships enable me to study and raise my family rather than have to find another job. Thank you for your generous support through my educational journey. Read More
    Shellie Swanson
  • Yuma Yamaguchi

    Being surrounded by live music and different instrument players helped my learning as a composer." Read More
    Yuma Yamaguchi
  • Jonathan Heiberg

    I am incredibly thankful for being awarded a scholarship. It goes a long way in creating a foundation for my future. The support I receive is a vital component of why I chose UW-Superior, and it helps to make my dreams a reality. Read More
    Jonathan Heiberg
  • Bradley Roy

    I had great professors who really understood how I learn and got to know me." Read More
    Bradley Roy