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Academic Assessment Committee

Category: University

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

Develop an assessment plan to support appropriate, meaningful assessment of the University Learning Goals. Oversee, monitor, and evaluate the assessment process of academic programs across campus. Review unit (academic, co-curricular and support) assessment plans and reports and offer feedback for their improvement. Work with the Assessment Coordinator to identify professional development needs related to assessment.

Membership includes: faculty (3), academic staff (1), Assessment Coordinator, and Institutional Researcher (ex officio).


Faculty (3): Erin Aldridge (2017-20); Kenna Bolton Holz (2017-2020); Amanda Zbacnik (2016-2019)

Academic Staff (1): Michael Buncher

Assessment Coordinator: Jamie White-Farnham

Institutional Researcher (ex officio): Laurel Eaton