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Academic Calendar Committee

Category: University

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

The University of Wisconsin-Superior operates under a perpetual academic calendar that is pre-determined based on a 7-year cycle. Two years prior to a new calendar’s publication on the university website, this Committee will review the next academic calendar ensuring the overall calendar dates align across unique university programs (collaborative programs, AP, J-Term, Summer College, Study Abroad, Business Online, etc.). This effort is important for financial aid compliance, UW-System reporting, CDR, and other considerations outside the university.


Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (convener): Molly Smith

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Amy Missinne

Dean of Academic Affairs: Jayant Anand (Interim)

Dean of Students: Harry Anderson

Director of Continuing Education: Kathryn Guimond

Director of Online Learning: Christina Kline (Interim)

Director of Financial Aid: Donna Dahlvang

Faculty (1): Jeffery Schuldt

Registrar: Jeff Kirschling

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management: Brenda Harms (Interim)