Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee

Category: University

Year: 2013-2014

Committee Charge

The Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee convenes when a student requests that a matter be heard by the committee (Ch. 14.08). Proceedings of the committee shall comply with procedures in UW System Admin. Code Ch. 14.

(Members of this committee cannot serve on the Nonacademic Misconduct Hearing Committee or the Judicial Appeals Committee).   

Includes: Convener: Student Affairs Officer Chair (voting): (one faculty or academic staff selected by the committee from within its membership) Faculty: (2), Academic Staff: (1), Students: (2).


Student Affairs Officer (Convener) - Tammy Fanning

Faculty: (2) Susan Loonsk, Uwe Leck

Academic Staff: (1) - Kristine Patterson

Students: (2) - Daniel Gil de Lamadrid, Graham Garfield