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Academic Program Review Council (APRC)

Category: Faculty

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

  • Name
    • The name of this Faculty Senate standing Council shall be Academic Program Review Council.
  • Purposes
    • The Council shall conduct reviews of all University academic programs on a regular basis. The Council shall also review the procedures governing program review. The Council shall annually consult and collaborate with the Planning and Budgetary Review Council (PBC) to address planning and budgetary issues of programs currently under Academic Program Review. The Council shall forward its findings, stipulations, suggestions, and observations to the Faculty Senate for approval. The final recommendation of the APRC as approved by the Faculty Senate will be transmitted to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs by the chair of the APRC.
    • Co-facilitate with PBC the modification/monitoring of an Academic Strategic Plan.
    • The Council shall receive and respond to communications from the Faculty Senate or the Senate Executive Committee.
  • Membership
    • The Council shall consist of five members elected by the faculty at large. Annual elections for the new members of this Council will be held during the first two weeks in May.
    • Nominations or self-nominations shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the Faculty Senate for distribution of ballots for voting purposes to the general faculty population. The nominees with the highest vote totals shall constitute the new members of the Council.
    • Should a Council member be unable to perform council duties for a period of sixty (60) days or more during the regular academic year, as in the case of a sabbatical leave, a leave of absence, or a class conflict with most scheduled Council meetings, then the unit affected shall elect an ad interim replacement, which shall not extend the length of term, nor effect the eligibility of the original member for re-election.
    • Members shall serve three year terms of office, with terms to be staggered.
    • A quorum shall consist of a majority of voting members (3).
  • Officers
    • Each year at its organizational meeting the Council shall elect a secretary and chair from the members of the Council. The Council Chair serves as an ex officio member of the Faculty Senate Executive Committee.
    • The terms of office for the secretary and chair shall be one year in length with possibility of re-election.
  • Revisions
    • Recommendations for changes in the Bylaws shall be distributed to the Council members at least two weeks prior to consideration by the Council.
    • Recommendations to the Faculty Senate for changes in the Bylaws shall be approved by a majority vote of the Council.
  • Task Forces/Committees
    • Task forces/committees, as needed, shall be appointed by the chair subject to approval by a majority vote of the members present.
    • Membership on these task forces/committees will not be limited to current members of the Faculty Senate or Academic Program Review Council.
    • The charge of each task force/committee shall be determined by the chair subject to approval by a majority vote of the members present.
    • The Council may request that a graduate faculty member be available for consultation during a review of a graduate program in case no graduate faculty are currently seated on the Council.


Laura Jacobs (Chair) 2016-19  

Mimi Rappley-Larson 2017-20

Pamela Bustos 2016-19

Daniel Rust 2017-20

Bhesh Mainali 2018-21