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Academic Program Review Council (APRC)

Category: Faculty

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

The Academic Program Review Council's charge is to conduct and supervise the program audit and review process and forward its findings, stipulations, suggestions, and observations to the Faculty Senate for approval. APRC is responsible for analyzing the quality of academic programs as a whole to affirm ways that the program is working well, and to implement improvements. The review council will provide each academic unit with the opportunity to examine its strengths, deficiencies, and strategic goals in a systematic way. All degree programs offered by UW-Superior are reviewed by APRC on six to seven-year cycle. Each department under review for their program is initially contacted by the chair of APRC to begin the review process. The Council consists of five faculty members.


Tanzeem Ali (2019-22)
Michael Fuchs (2019-21) 2 year replacement term
Shanna Nifoussi (2019-22)
Mimi Rappley-Larsen (2020-23)
Daniel Rust (2020-23)