Academic Service Learning

Category: Faculty

Year: 2013-2014

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Committee Charge

The Academic Service Learning advisory committee consists of faculty, academic staff and community partners. This group serves in an advisory capacity for the development of service learning at UW-Superior, and will help to determine how to best expand service learning opportunities across campus. The committee will begin its work by reviewing the plans developed by the Academic Service Learning implementation group plan in December 2005.

In the first year, the Committee membership includes (1) four faculty members; (2) two instructional academic staff; (1) one Continuing Education representative; VISTA Supervisor; and VISTA volunteer (when the campus has one); community members (as appropriate). The VISTA supervisor serves as ex officio. The members will serve three (3) year staggered terms (May 28, 2009). 

First meeting is convened by a faculty member selected by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Chair is elected by the committee at their first meeting of each academic year.


Faculty (4)                                                                                                                       Gary Keveles (2011-14), RaLynn Schmalzried (2012-2015),
Gloria Eslinger (2013-16), Kathy Hubbard (2013-14)

Academic Staff (must be teaching academic staff) (2) - Kathy Pykkonen, Lisa Mattsson

Continuing Ed Representative (1) - Sheryl Homan

VISTA Supervisor (ex officio) - Jenice Meyer

VISTA Volunteer: 
Katelyn Bauman (Early Childhood Literacy Focus)
Sandy Liang (Healthier Lifestyles Focus)