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Academic Staff Senate

Category: Academic Staff

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

Academic Staff Senate is the recognized governing body for all Academic Staff.  The Academic Staff Senate (ACSS) is made up of nine academic staff from various units and departments and includes both instructional and non-instructional staff.  Senators are elected for 3-year terms.  Elections take place each spring, or as needed to fill [Open] positions. 

Academic Staff Senate's duties include, but are not limited to:

  • monitoring adherence to the policies and procedures of academic staff as provided for in the UW-Superior Unclassified Staff Handbook, Chapter 4, Section 4.2.
  • develop policies, practices and recommendations which are in the best interest of the academic staff and consistent with the goals and mission of the University.
  • encourage professionalism among academic staff members and promote involvement of the academic staff in the activities of the University.
  • receive and review concerns from academic staff, following grievance procedures as defined in the UW-Superior Unclassified Staff Handbook, Chapter 7, Section 7.02
  • serve as a channel for official communication from the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor in regard to issues affecting academic staff, consider any matters which may bereferred to the Senate by the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor and meet regularly with them on academic staff issues.


Chair: Janie Campbell (Term Ending May 2019)

Secretary: Kristen Jasperson (Term Ending May 2021)

UW System Representative: Rob Waksdahl (Term Ending May 2020)

Michael Buncher (Term Ending May 2020)

Amy Missinne (Term Ending May 2019)

Zach Otto-Fisher (Term Ending May 2021)

Emily Rose (Term Ending May 2021)

Monte Stewart (Term Ending May 2019)

[Open] (Term ending May 2020)