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Academic Strategic Plan Design Team

Category: Faculty

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

The Academic Strategic Plan Design Team was charged to design a process, timeline, and draft a charge for consideration by Faculty Senate to develop an Academic Strategic Plan during the 2018-19 academic year. Work to be started and completed during an all day retreat in July 2018. 


Faculty Senate Executive: Greg Moore

Academic Program Review Council: Laura Jacobs

Graduate Council: Terri Kronzer

Planning and Budget Council:  Jayson Iwen

Personnel Council: Tim Cleary

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council: Jamie White-Farnham

Instructional Academic Staff: Scott Smith

Strategic Planning Core Team: Maria Cuzzo

Center for Community Engaged Learning: Jenice Meyer

Director of Institutional Research and Sponsored Programs: Emily Neumann

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Nick Danz

Dean of Academic Affairs: Jayant Anand (Interim)

Provost: Molly Smith

Chancellor: Renee Wachter

External Facilitator: Steve Reno

Support: Amy Missinne, Debbie Seguin