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Athletics Advisory Committee

Category: University

Year: 2017-2018

Committee Charge

Continually reviews athletic programs and practices in an effort to promote student athletics as an integral part of a liberal education. Items reviewed include such issues as the array of sports offered, resources necessary for individual sports, university policies affecting student athletes and all matters pertaining to the strengthening of athletics. The committee makes recommendations and reports to the Chancellor through the Dean of Students.

The committee membership consists of two (2) faculty appointed by Faculty Senate, two (2) Athletic Representatives (appointed by the Chancellor), two (2) academic staff, two (2) students and the Athletic Director who serves as the chair in an ex officio capacity. The Athletic Director will call for meetings at least once each semester and will prepare an agenda. Other Committee members may add items to agendas. Includes: Faculty (2), Athletic Representatives (2); Academic Staff (2), Students (2), Athletic Director (Convener) 


Athletic Director (Convener): Nick Bursik (Interim)
Faculty (2): David Kroll, Mei Cao
Academic Staff (2): Krisi Patterson, Zach Otto-Fisher
Athletic Representatives (2): Jon Garver, Lynne Deadrick
Students (2): [Open], [Open]