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Campaign Steering Committee

Category: University

Year: 2016-2017

Committee Charge

The purpose of the Campaign Steering Committee is to assist the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor for Advancement and Foundation Board in leading campaign efforts. The Campaign Steering Committee should be initially comprised of eight to ten members, led by a pair of dedicated co-chairs who will share the responsibility of leading all committee meetings and events. Ideally, one co-chair should be clearly identified with and/or have leadership in the Twin Ports area, and the second should be a representative of alumni who have moved away yet still maintain strong ties to the university. As campaign moves forward, more members will be added.

Convener: Jeanne Thompson


Foundation Board President: [Open]
Foundation Board Members (2): [Open]
Alumni Association Board Member (1): [Open]
University Relations (1): [Open]
Faculty Representative (1): [Open]
Community Member (1): [Open]
Vice Chancellor for Advancement: Jeanne Thompson