Civic Action Plan Committee

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

The Committee serves in an advisory role for the implementation and advancement of the Civic Action Plan at UW-Superior.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Committee:

  • Serves as ambassadors for the Civic Action Plan
  • Lends individual expertise and insight to guide implementation strategies
  • Monitors progress of the plan and adjusts strategies, as needed, to meet defined goals
  • Communicates UW-Superior’s commitment and progress being made through the Civic Action Plan
  • Ensures that the Committee includes representation from the community
  • Advocates for funding to support the sustainability of community engagement at UW-Superior

 (Membership updated September 2020 by Katelyn Baumann)


Chair: Jenice Meyer

Chancellor’s Designee: Maria Cuzzo

Academic Affairs Leader: Shevaun Stocker

Academic Service-Learning Representative: Katelyn Baumann

Campus Life Representative: Allison Garver

Career Services Representative: Haley Carr

Continuing Education Representative: Kathryn Guimond

Enrollment Management: Megan Torkildson

Foundation & Advancement Representative: Jeanne Thompson

Institutional Research Representative: Laurel Eaton

Student Newman Civic Fellow: Amber Heidenreich

Student Government Association Representative: Zack Abt

University Relations Representative: Jordan Milan

Academic Staff (1): Stephanie Warden

Faculty (1): Richard Stewart

University Staff (1): Debra Provost

Committee Member At-Large: Haji Dokhanchi

Community Members (3): Mary Anderson-Petroske (Superior Public Schools), Charlie Glazman (WITC), Taylor Pedersen (Superior Chamber of Commerce), Paul Damberg (Wisconsin Public Radio)