Continuous Improvement and Planning Team (CIPT)

Category: University

Year: 2013-2014

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Committee Charge

The integrated strategic planning process is designed to help the university implement its mission and chart a course for the future. Strategic planning is tied to reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission. This reaccreditation process for Superior will begin in Fall 2010 and will result in a completed self-study and reaccreditation visit in 2012-13.

The Charge of the University Continuous Improvement Planning Team CIPT) is to: Serve as the oversight steering committee for the Higher Learning Commission Self-Study and Reaccreditation processes.

Recommend both annual and long-term institutional priorities including those priorities related to our Public Liberal Arts Mission, the UW System's Growth Agenda, and Making Excellence Inclusive.

Review and assess progress toward achieving the strategic priorities.

Communicate progress toward achieving institutional priorities.

Facilitate the integrated planning process to include unit and departmental strategic plans across the institution.

*Members include: Provost/Vice Chancellor for  Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Vice Chancellor for Campus Life, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Services, A representative from Distance Learning, Chair of the Faculty, One member of the faculty Planning and Budgetary Council, to be chosen by the council, Two at-large faculty, to be selected by Faculty Senate, Student Senate President, One at-large student to be selected by Student Senate, Chair of Academic Staff Senate.

The Provost will convene and chair the CIPT.

*The Director of Institutional Research will serve as ex officio. When expert knowledge is needed for particular agenda items, individuals with such expertise will be invited to report and participate in discussion.

Completed work in 2013-14  


Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs:  Faith Hensrud

Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance:  Jan Hanson

Vice Chancellor for Campus Life:  Vicki Hajewski

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Technology Services: 

Distance Learning Representative (1): Peter Nordgren

Planning & Budgetary Council Member (chosen by council) (1):  Mary Balcer

Faculty (2): Jim Lane (2011-14), pending (2013-16)

Chair of Faculty:  Wendy Kropid

Academic Staff Senate Chair: Jenice Meyer

Academic Staff Senate: Jenice Meyer

Classified Staff Advisory Committee Chair: Mary McCauley

Classified Staff: Dorothy Frechette

Budget:  Jeff Kahler

Student Senate Vice-President:  Kara Schmidt

Student (One at-large student selected by Student Senate ) (1): Jessica Schlauderaff

Director of Institutional Research (ex-officio): Emily Zobel

Amy Missinne, Executive Assistant will provide administrative support.