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Credit and Student Reinstatement Committee

Category: Faculty

Year: 2015-2016

Committee Charge

Is empowered by the Academic Affairs Council to act on petitions from students for deviations from the prescribed curriculum and to resolve problems arising because of curricular changes.

Reviews and acts upon all petitions for readmission to the University submitted by students who have been suspended for academic reasons. The Committee also hears appeals from students who complete a petition for reinstatement following an unsuccessful petition for readmission.

Includes: Faculty (5) on 3 year staggered terms (2 one year terms, 2 two year terms, and 1 three year term) and Students (2).


Faculty (5): Edward Burkett (2015-18), David Kroll (2015-17), Martha Einerson (2013-16)

Students (2): Cassidy Sather, Candace Engblom

Registrar (ex officio): Jeff Kirschling

Director of Academic Advising (ex officio): Cortney Alexander

Director of Extended Degree (ex officio):

Director of Student Support Services (ex officio): Toua Thao