Educator Preparation Programs Committee

Category: Faculty

Year: 2019-2020

Committee Charge

Functions of EPPC:

  1. Work on the Continuous Review Process
    1. Discussion of what information and data
    2. Discussion of ways to collect data
    3. Preparation of data
    4. Analysis of data
  2. Discussion of edTPA and other required assessments
    1. Learning about the role each program has in preparing students
    2. Review of materials and manuals
  3. Updates on curricular changes and growth and state requirements
    1. Portfolios
    2. Assessment
  4. Advise the Educator Preparation Programs on related issues as they arise
    1. Suggest agenda items
    2. Request assistance with liaison issues in the home department


Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation Programs (Committee Chairperson):  Wendy Kropid

All faculty / academic staff from the Department of Education: Tanzeem Ali, Steve Baule, Amy Carpenter, Mary Churchill, Mary Lee-Nichols, Stephanie Polkowski, Jodie Riek, Anne Robertson, Nicholle Schuelke, Amanda Zbacnik

A faculty member from each of the content departments (chosen by the department):  Peter Cook (Natural Sciences), Shannon Cousino (Art), Lois Guderian (Music), David Kroll (HHP), Wendy Kropid (WLLC), Kristin Riesgraf/Steve Rosenberg (Math/CS), Joel Sipress/Cheong Soon Gan (Social Inquiry)

Certification Officer Michael Buncher

Data Coordinator for Educator Preparation Programs:  Michael Buncher

Teacher Education Advisors: Tyler Boelk (DoE Graduate Education Programs), Michael Buncher, Amy Flaig, Donnal Lebsak (DoE Graduate Education Programs), Taylor Walkky-Byington

Field Experience Coordinators: Amy Flaig (Undergraduate), Donna Lebsack (Graduate)

Teacher Education Program Recruiter: Taylor Walkky-Byington