Educator Preparation Programs Committee

Category: Faculty

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

Functions of EPPC:

  1. Work on the Continuous Review Process
    1. Discussion of what information and data
    2. Discussion of ways to collect data
    3. Preparation of data
    4. Analysis of data
  2. Discussion of edTPA and other required assessments
    1. Learning about the role each program has in preparing students
    2. Review of materials and manuals
  3. Updates on curricular changes and growth and state requirements
    1. Portfolios
    2. Assessment
  4. Advise the Educator Preparation Programs on related issues as they arise
    1. Suggest agenda items
    2. Request assistance with liaison issues in the home department


Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation Programs (Committee Chairperson): Wendy Kropid

Certification Officer: Michael Buncher

A faculty member from each education licensure program and one for the instruction minor: 

Art Ed: Shannon Cousino (Art)

Early Childhood Ed: Anne Robertson (DoE)

Education Administration: Tanya Skalecki (DoE)

Education Administration, School Counseling: John Paul (DoE)

Elementary Ed: Mary Lee-Nichols (DoE)

English Ed, Broad Field Language Arts, Spanish Ed: Jayson Iwen (WLL)

History Ed, Broad Field Social Studies: Joel Sipress (Social Inquiry)

Instruction Minor: Mary Churchill (DoE)

MCSCI, Math Ed: Kristen Riesgraf (MCS)

Music Ed: David Potter (Music)

NSCI - Broad Field Science: Peter Cook (Natural Sciences)

Phy Ed, Adaptive Phy Ed, Health, Coaching: David Kroll (HHP)

School Counseling: Lynn O'Brien (DoE)

Special Ed: Amanda Zbacnik (DoE)