Extenuating Circumstances Committee

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

The Extenuating Circumstances Committee reviews student appeals for tuition and fees. Appeals may be based on: 1) family emergency, 2) medical, 3) military deployment, 4) university error. If a student believes they have a valid reason (1 of 4 listed above), they then complete the appeal form with a typed, detailed explanation of the reason(s) for the appeal. Along with the appeal form, supporting documentation should be included. The Extenuating Circumstances Committee is formed to provide an appeal process for students, but ultimately upholds the Board of Regents policy on tuition and fee refunds.

Members of the committee review the appeal form and submitted documentation. They may request additional information from the Registrar’s Office and or Information Technology as to students access to their E-Hive or email accounts. Based on the information and document provided by the student, the appeal is either denied or approved. Approval waivers, refunds, and or forgiveness is approved at 50% or 100%. Based on the number of appeals to review and additional information requests, three to five hours per member is the average per month.


Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance: Jeff Kahler (Convener)

Dean of Students: Harry Anderson

Dean of Academic Affairs: Nick Danz

Director of Online Learning: Christina Kline (Interim)

Director of Financial Aid: Donna Dahlvang

Registrar: Janie Campbell (Interim)

Bursar: Tammi Reijo