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Faculty Senate

Category: Faculty

Year: 2020-2021

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Committee Charge




Ephraim Nikoi*, Chair (2020-21)

Business and Economics: Sakib Mahmud (2018-21)

Communicating Arts: Chad Vollrath (2018-21)

Education: Mary Lee-Nichols (2018-21)

HBJD: Mimi Rappley-Larson (2018-21)

HHP: William Simpson* (2018-21), Secretary (2020-21)

Math and Computer Science: Jon Totushek (2019-22)

Music: Greg Moore* (2020-23), Chair Pro Tem (2020-21)

Natural Sciences: Shanna Nifoussi* (2019-22), Exec Senator at Large (2020-21)

Social Inquiry: Deborah Augsburger (2018-21)  

Visual Arts: Gloria Eslinger (2018-21)

Writing, Language & Literature: Laura Jacobs (2018-21)  

Nick Sloboda*, Faculty Representative (2020-21)

* Serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee