First Year Experience

Category: University

Year: 2011-2012

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Committee Charge

 The First Year Experience Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity for the development of the First Year Experience initiatives on campus (as outlined in the First Year Experience Implementation Plan), such as First Year Seminars, student orientation programs, peer mentoring, early alert programs, and themed programs. 

The Advisory members review First Year Seminar proposals and provide feedback to the FYS Coordinator.  (A majority of the faculty on the Advisory must approve the FYS proposals before these can be recommended to the Faculty Senate UAAC).  The First Year Experience Coordinator (Convener), and the First Year Seminar Coordinator serve as ex officio members.  Advisory includes:  Faculty (4) - staggered two year terms, Academic Staff (3) (one of whom should be teaching academic staff) - staggered three year terms, and student (2) for a one year term.


The First Year Experience Coordinator (Convener) - Jen Bird
The First Year Seminar Coordinator - Suzanne Griffith

Faculty (4) Mark Spitzer, Greg Moore, Haji Dokhanchi, Chip Beal

Academic Staff (3) (One MUST be teaching academic staff): Jenice Meyer (2010-2011), Mickey Fitch (2010-2013), Tonya Roth (2011-2014)

Student (1) Kasey Cable