Gender Equity Committee

Category: University

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

The Gender Equity Committee works to indentify equity issues related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual identity among students, classified staff, academic staff and faculty. The campus climate for women has been and continues to be one of the committee's primary concerns. The committee works to identify practices that work against equity and to recommend revised practices that move the university toward equity in all of its programs, policies, and procedures. In particular, the committee serves as a consultative body for gender equity programs in Campus Life. The committee will report its work each year to the Provost/Vice Chancellor and campus governance bodies. The committee membership consists of two (2) faculty, two (2) members of the academic staff, one (1) member of the classified staff, one (1) WSEU classified representative, and two (2) students. The Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator will be an ex-officio member and will convene the committee each Fall semester. The committee elects its own chair annually. There will be a three year staggered rotation of members from each classification.


Faculty (2, 3-yr terms) - Kenna Bolton Holz, Merose Hwang

Academic Staff (2) - Ivy Vainio, Allison Gerland

Classified Staff (1) - Janet Blair

WSEU Classified (1) 

Students (2) - Eric Williams