Global Awareness and Education

Category: Faculty

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

The Global Awareness and Education Committee focuses on the fostering of the campus-wide Global Awareness Initiative. This is one of the essential aspects of the public liberal arts mission at UW-Superior. The Committee's specific duties and responsibilities include: recommendations to strengthen and expand the global dimension of the curriculum; policy recommendations for administration of all types of learning abroad programs; encouragement of community outreach activities devoted to global awareness and education; promotion and sponsorship of related conferences, lectures, concerts and other events; advocacy of the interests and welfare of international students attending UW-Superior; promotion of recruitment and admission of international students; and recommendations for faculty and student exchange programs involving universities and other institutions abroad. The Committee makes recommendations to ensure the allocation of adequate resources to implement campus-wide global initiatives. The Committee communicates all actions to the Faculty Senate and Student Senate for review, and ratification, if necessary. Faculty (5), Academic Staff (2),  Students (4)-(2 returning from Study Abroad &  2 Intl students),  Representative (1) from the Office of International Programs, Associate Dean for International Education and Programs (ex-officio)


Faculty (5) - James Lane (2010-13), Marshall Johnson (2009-12), Shin-Ping Tucker (2008-11), Jeanette Pucheu (2010-2013), Ephraim Nikoi (2011-13)

Academic Staff (2) - Rich Moran (2010-13), Lisa Larson (2011-14)

Students (4)
Katelyn Baumann, Meghan O'Toole-Gott (2 returning from Study Abroad)
Hiroko Tada, (2 Intl students)

Representative (1) from the Office of International Programs

Associate Dean for International Education and Programs (ex-officio)