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Graduate Council

Category: Faculty

Year: 2017-2018

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Committee Charge

The Graduate Council is the policy making body for the Graduate Faculty and Graduate Programs, acting within the limits of the University of Wisconsin Faculty Senate and its graduate faculty bylaws, policies of the State of Wisconsin and the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin.


Dr. Ethan Christensen   Data Science
Ms. Gloria Eslinger        Art Therapy
Dr. Maryjane Burdge     EDAD
Dr. Mark McCoon          SMGT
Dr. Jayson Iwen             Writing
Ms. Terri Kronzer           EDAD
Dr. John Paul                 Counseling
Ms. Lisa Mattsson          Continuing Education
Dr. Mei Cao                    Transportation & Logistics

Dean of Academic Affairs: Dean Yohnk                               
University Services Associate, Graduate Studies: Suzanne Fickler
Provost (ex officio): Jackie Weissenburger
Registrar (ex officio): Jeff Kirschling
University Relations (ex officio): Jim Biros