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HLC Accreditation Committee & Criterion Teams

Category: University

Year: 2015-2016


Steering Committee

Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Faith Hensrud
Assurance Argument Faculty Co-Coordinator: Maria Cuzzo
Assurance Argument Faculty Co-Coordinator & Accreditation Liaison Officer: Jenice Meyer
Assurance System Coordinator: Emily Neumann
Institutional Research Administrative Support: Margaret Johnson

Federal Compliance

Dean of Students: Harry Anderson
Director of Financial Aid: Donna Dahlvang
Registrar: Jeff Kirschling
Office of University Relations: Leah Kohlts
Assistant to the Provost: Amy Missinne
Academic Planner: Jenice Meyer

Criterion One. Mission

Faculty Members (2): Pamela Bustos, Jerry Hembd
Office of University Relations: Daniel Fanning
Department of Educational Leadership Field Placement Coordinator: Amy Flaig
Director of Outreach & Alternative Delivery: Karen Heikel
Diversity and Inclusion: Gabby Theis    
Student Representative: Ron Bichler

Criterion Two. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Faculty Senate Representative: Deborah Augsburger
Faculty Member: Ethan Christensen
Human Resources Manager: Steve Marshall
Dean of Students Office: Paul Eberhardt
Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs: Faith Hensrud
Director of Admissions: Robert Strand
Controller: Rob Waksdahl

Criterion Three. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

Director of Career Services and Advising: Cortney Alexander
Dean of Faculties: Liz Blue
Student Representative: Ben Damberg
Coordinator of the High Impact Practices: Eleni Pinnow
CETL Director: Monica Roth Day
Campus Life Representative: Ethan Russom
Assessment Committee member: TBD
General Education Committee member: TBD

Criterion Four. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Department of Education Leadership Reporting Officer and Advisor: Michael Buncher
Transfer Specialist: Janie Campbell
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs: Suzanne Griffith
Faculty member: Daniela Mansbach
APRC Committee Member: Steven Rosenberg
Director of Student Support Services: Toua Thao
Assessment Coordinator: Jamie White-Farnham

Criterion Five. Resources, Planning, and Institutional Effectiveness

Faculty Senate Representative: Brent Notbohm
Academic Staff Senate Representative: Jennifer Bird
University Staff Senate Representative: Jay Conley
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance: Gigi Koenig
Office of Institutional Effectiveness: Jessica Mansfield
IT Director of Application Services: Jim Rink
Student Body President: Kara Schmidt