Non-Academic Misconduct Committee

Category: University

Year: 2020-2021

Committee Charge

The Nonacademic Misconduct Hearing Committee (per UWS Chapter 17.07) is convened when a student requests that a misconduct matter be heard by a hearing committee or a hearing is scheduled due to the imposition of one of the following sanctions: enrollment restriction on a course or program, suspension, or expulsion (per UWS Ch.17.12) The proceedings of the committee shall comply with procedures outlined in UW System Administrative Code Chapter 17. This committee must consist of at least 3 persons including at least 1 student.  Members of the committee must be willing to be available to meet when needed. (Members of this committee cannot serve on the Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee or the Student Misconduct Hearing Committee and are required to be a part of training at the beginning of each semester.)

Convener: Student Affairs Officer/Associate Dean of Students.Includes: Chair (voting; elected by committee; must be a faculty or academic staff selected by the committee from within its membership), Faculty (1), Academic Staff (2), and Students (2).


Student Affairs Officer (Convener): Representative of Dean of Student Office (dependent upon case)

Faculty (1): Michael Maguire (2020-21)

Academic Staff (2): Kristine Patterson (2020-21), Taylor Walkky-Byington (2020-21)

Students (2): [Open], [Open]