Parking Appeals

Category: University

Year: 2011-2012

Committee Charge

Reviews appeals of on-campus parking violations (allegedly) committed by students, faculty and staff, as well as non-university individuals. Appeals are made to the Parking Office and come to the Committee without the name of the appellant. Committee decisions are communicated to the Dean of Students and the Parking Office. The Parking Office notifies the petitioner of the Committee decision.

The Committee membership consists of two (1) faculty members, two (1) members of the Academic Staff, one (1) member of the classified staff, one (1) WSEU classified staff representative, three (3 students), Parking Program Assistant (Convener) and the Campus Safety Officer (ex officio). The Committee elects its chair.


Parking Program Assistant (Convener) - Trish Hegstrom-Olson

Faculty (1) - William Morgan

Academic Staff (1) - Angie Hugdahl 

Classified Staff (1) - Pat Sullivan

WSEU Classified Staff (1) - Kathie Watland

Students (3)  Jay Bowers, Bryce Harp, (Andrew) Michael Dean

Campus Safety Officer (1)