Category: University

Year: 2013-2014

Committee Charge

Promotions Committee Charge

Promotion means looking back at a candidate's record of performance, and promoting the
candidate in rank is based on merit. The Promotions Committee serves in an
advisory capacity to the Dean of Faculties.

The Promotions Committee gives full and fair consideration to the candidate's
promotion portfolio, as well as the candidate's departmental recommendation.
The Committee then makes its promotion recommendation to the Dean of Faculties.
The recommendation shall be based solely upon consideration of these two
sources of information about the candidate and on the candidate's departmental
criteria for promotion and the University standard for promotion.

The Promotions Committee will consist of five tenured faculty, three full
professors and two associate professors (each serving a three year term). 
The associate level professors will rotate off the committee upon promotion to
full professor. The membership of the Promotions Committee is established by
Faculty Senate. The Promotions Committee will evaluate promotions at the
associate and full level. All members of the committee are eligible to vote on
applications to both associate professor and professor, except that a committee
member shall not participate in discussion or vote on her/his own

Faculty promotion in rank is granted by the Board of Regents based on the positive
recommendations of a candidate's department and the Chancellor.



Provost's Office (Convener)

Associate Professors: Kim Borst (2011-14), Mei Cao (2013-16)

Full Professors: Raychel Reiff (2011-14), Shaun Lynch (2012-15), Haji Dokhanchi (2012-15)