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Provost’s Taskforce on Guided Pathways for Student Success

Category: University

Year: 2017-2018

Committee Charge


The Provost’s Taskforce on Guided Pathways for Student Success is convened to manage courses, program array, and transfer practices to achieve academic effectiveness with optimal efficiency for our students.  The objectives of this Taskforce are to:

  1. Conduct an updated audit and review of average credits to degree by major over the past 5 years to identify problem areas of study.
  2. Review the list of university studies and elective courses to determine which offerings have a history of low enrollments over the past 5 years and develop criteria to identify which of the low-enrolled courses should be removed from the course schedule.
  3. Review all minors and concentrations to determine which should be offered online or eliminated from the list of options.
  4. Determine a 2-year schedule of course offerings for all minors and majors to allow for a clear pathway to efficient degree completion.
  5. Review transfer policies and practices (e.g., credit for prior learning, credit by exam procedures, practices for accepting courses from transferring institutions, policies for accepting university studies courses from those with associate’s degrees and interinstitutional articulation agreements) to recommend needed changes for transferring, nontraditional and veteran students.


Jackie Weissenburger (co-chair), Interim Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Brenda Harms (co-chair), Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
Dean Yohnk, Dean of Academic Affairs
Emily Neumann, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Monica Roth Day, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Terri Kronzer, Chair of Faculty Senate
Jeff Kirschling, Registrar
Janie Campbell, Transfer Specialist
Christina Kline, Outreach Program Manager for Distance Learning
Monte Stewart, Coordinator of Veteran and Non-Traditional Student Center
Greg Moore, Professor of Music
Shevaun Stocker, Department Chair of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity
Mei Cao, Director of the School of Business and Economics
Jamie White-Farnham, Associate Professor of Writing
Tim Cleary, Department Chair of Visual Arts
Eric Edwards, Department Chair of Social Inquiry
Scott Smith, Senior Lecturer of Communication
Nicole Stodola, Administrative Support for the Task Force