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Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee (SUFAC)

Category: Student Senate

Year: 2018-2019

Committee Charge

  • Ensure all meetings and deliberations are held in accordance to state law;
  • Ensure all funding decisions are made in a viewpoint-neutral manner;
  • Ensure all budget processes listed below are carried out in a legal, timely manner.
    1. Allocable budgets
    2. Non-Allocable budgets
    3. Emergency Funding
    4. Reallocations
    5. Student Relief Fund 
  • Ensure all funding decisions are publicized appropriately and in a timely manner


SGA SUFAC Chairperson (chair): Brent Buffenbarger                                  

SGA SUFAC Clerk (ex officio), except in the absence of the SUFAC Chair, where they will chair. Katja Nielsen

Five SGA Senators (5): Zack Abt, Sam Moscatelli, Jadie Schwarzkof, Lewis Jepsen, [Open]

Three Students-at-Large (3): [Open], [Open], [Open]

SGA President (ex officio): Scott Holmes

President Pro Tempore (ex officio): An L. Nguyen

Chancellor or their designee (ex officio): Renee Wachter

The chair of the Faculty Senate shall be invited to appoint two (2) non-voting members: [Open], [Open]

The chair of the Academic Staff Senate shall be invited to appoint two (2) non-voting members: [Open], [Open]

The campus Budget Analyst and/or Vice-Chancellor of Finance and Administration and the SGA advisor shall act as advisors to SUFAC.